Now your child can join the Junior Jets team and discover the world with the:


Available for either Apple or Android phones the App is free to download and you can access loads of fun games, videos and adventures.

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Introduce your child to the wonders of the world as they play and learn


Meet the Junior Jets who will join your child on their travels

Lucas can turn his hand to most sporting activities. He can run fast and has great climbing abilities. But his favourite past times are surfing and skateboarding. Lucas has incredible balance


Grace has a mechanical mind and can turn her hand to most gadgets. She is a master of high-tech equipment but can also fix a bike and build a go-kart. She is an engineer in the making.


Jaxon has a gift for all things, exploration. He is good at observation, following trails, navigation and is very resourceful in the great outdoors. Jaxon also has a love of animals and has a vast knowledge for nature.


Highly intelligent for her age, Iris is good at maths and puzzles. She loves to read and find facts, loves thinking games and is often challenging others for a match, especially games where she knows she will win.


Malyk has been learning piano for over a year and has just started learning the drums too. He also likes to paint and will try anything craft - based. Malyk loves finding new musical instruments on their adventures.


Or download the Free APP from Apple Store or Google Play


Children who are stimulated and curious about the people and places of our world will undoubtedly grow to become its greatest citizens having broken down cultural barriers and embraced difference.

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